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Monday, August 20, 2012

New Power-Packed Stickmate® LX 300 AC/200 DC Stick Welder is Heavy on Power

APPLETON, Wis., July 23, 2012 — Hobart Welding Products has introduced a new AC/DC stick welder that provides up to 300 amps of weld power, proving to users that “too much power is never enough!” The new Stickmate LX 300 AC/200 DC stick welder allows users to choose between 200 amps of DC output, which reduces arc outages and minimizes sticking and spatter, or 300 amps of AC output to produce less arc blow. This AC/DC output enables the use of specialty electrodes for a wide range of metals, including mild steel, cast iron, aluminum and more. It is ideal for big jobs on the farm or ranch, maintenance repairs, hobbyist applications and more.

The Stickmate LX 300 AC/200 DC power source also features Accu-Set™, which allows the user to fine tune the arc in 1 amp increments.  This stick welder also allows a higher duty cycle when amperages decrease to give you more arc time when welding thinner materials.

Included with the Stickmate LX 300 AC/200 DC stick welder are a 15-foot electrode cable with heavy-duty holder, a 10-foot work cable with clamp and a power cord.

The Stickmate LX 300 AC/200 DC is assembled in Troy, Ohio and is covered by Hobart Welding Products 5/3/1 Industrial Warranty.

The new Stickmate LX 300 AC/200 DC stick arc welding power source offers strong weld power for big jobs, allowing users to weld up to 300 amps.

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